The Good News, the good news... and more good news!

That's right. No bad news! :)

First off, welcome back from Spring Break. I hope you had a chance to recharge your batteries a bit... Hah! E&M joke there. :-/

Good news #1: As a group, you guys nailed the test on DC Circuits. Class average of 86%, multiple perfect scores on the test, and that's not even counting the extra credit points. Well done.

Good news #2: If your grade is still a bit lower than you'd like, there are still lots of opportunities to bring things back to where they should be. GOOD opportunities, too. Keep an eye out for those.

And good news #3: these last few weeks of the course are really among the most interesting of the entire year. I hope you'll find them as fascinating and entertaining as I do.

Oh, geez! I didn't even think about good news #4: We're going to Magic Mountain!!!

Good news overload! I'll see you in class...

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